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NY Giants and NY Jets both to open 2010 season at new Meadowlands

New York, New York.

Both the New York Giants and New York Jets wanted to open next season in the new Meadowlands Stadium. Both will.

The NFL said Monday the Giants will play on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12, and the Jets will host a Monday night game the next day.

Opponents have not been announced; the full league schedule usually is released in early April.

“After extensive discussions with both teams, we have come up with what we believe is a unique approach for celebrating the opening of the new Meadowlands Stadium,” commissioner Roger Goodell said.

The issue became somewhat contentious when the Jets announced on their Web site that a coin toss conducted by the league would determine which team opens the $1.7 billion stadium. The teams split the cost on the replacement for Giants Stadium, which they both called home since 1984.

But the league never confirmed such a decision until Monday, when it said Goodell did flip a coin for which team would play Sunday.

The Giants won.

I expect there to be sore feelings between the franchises but what the heck for? So you didn’t get to play the first game. I’d be more concerned about making the Super Bowl in 2010 if I were the Jets. Something the team hasn’t done in 41 years.

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