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NFL Draft 2010 – Round 3 #25- Carolina- QB Armanti Edwards

Are the Panthers out of their mind? First they draft Jimmy Clausen, a quarterback that doesn’t have the tools to be a top line NFL quarterback, next they use a draft pick on someone to run the Wildcat offense. The Wildcat is a gimmick which the NFL is rapidly catching on to. A player selected just based on that is going to fail unless they have some other skills to play in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins selected Pat White in the 2009 Draft and I was critical of it at the time and we know how that worked out last year. writes- Pick Analysis: The Panthers pick up a wild card athlete in Armanti Edwards. The small-school standout was an outstanding quarterback during his time at Appalachian State, but could be in line for a move to wide receiver in the pros. Given his versatile skills and playmaking ability, the Panthers could use Edwards as a “Wildcat” option.


Edwards is a four-year starter that led his team to two national titles as well as a playoff run in the other two seasons. He is an undersized quarterback that will need to be projected to another position to take advantage of his speed, quickness and athleticism. He has had some durability issues and will need to bulk up if he wants to play at the next level. He is explosive and can force defenders to grab nothing but air with his elusiveness and cutting ability. He will require some time to learn how to run routes and to control his speed so he can give defenders different looks as he runs his routes.

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