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NFL Draft 2010 – Round 3 #9- Miami- OT John Jerry

I’m surprised by this pick. Johns is versatile but offensive line help rated lower to me than picking a safety or Tight End. Especially when one of the later, Jimmy Graham of the Miami Hurricanes, was still out there waiting to be picked. writes- The Dolphins opt for a developmental offensive tackle to bolster their depth along the line. Jerry has good size and strength, while possessing the ideal skill set to move inside to guard. With his versatility and talent, Jerry could develop into a solid contributor in time.


Jerry is a massive lineman that moved to tackle for his senior year at “Ole Miss” but will need to move back inside to guard for the next level. He can engulf and overpower opponents once he gets his hands on them but can also struggle against speed when playing on the edge. He is not a natural knee bender and tends to let his pad level get too high on a lot of blocks. He is more of a mauler and brawler than an explosive blocker and knocks opponents off the ball. He could stand to lose some weight if he wants to become a full-time player at the next level.

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