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NFL Draft 2010 – Round 5 #32- Miami- S Reshad Jones

The Dolphins finally take a safety(They traded at least 2 6th round picks to move up) and he looks like one of the team’s better selections. Then the question is- Why did Jones slip this far? The NFL profile says there are concerns about Jones but nothing specific. I don’t have good vibes about this particular draft of Miami’s. writes- The Dolphins continue to upgrade their secondary. This kid had 11 career INTs. He’s an explosive hitter with good ball skills. One concern is that he misses too many tackles looking for the big hit. Needs to improve his instincts in the deep half of the field.


Jones is a big strong safety with good athleticism. He has been a productive starter for Georgia over the past two seasons. Jones has decent range in pursuit but lacks great speed, lateral agility and quickness in man coverage schemes. He is better attacking the line of scrimmage than in space and maybe best in the box. Jones is quick to the fill the alley and shows good pop and power as a tackler. He can over run or not take the proper angle at times and this gets him out of position to maintain leverage on the ball. Jones will drop some balls he should catch and shows average balls skills for the safety position. Jones has enough size and athleticism to be a solid NFL safety but there are concerns that may affect his draft status.

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