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NFL Draft 2010 – Round 6 #3- Tampa Bay- P Brent Bowden

The Bucs had all sorts of problems with their kicking game last year. A new placekicker could be of help but I doubt Tampa will use a 2nd selection on a kicker. writes- Pick Analysis: The Buccaneers were among the league’s worst teams in punting average last season, so they grab Virginia Tech’s Brent Bowden. Bowden excels at dropping the ball inside the 20-yard line, and enjoyed a breakout year last season with the Hokies.


Bowden has good size and athleticism for the position. He had his most productive season in 2009, averaging 43.8 yards per attempt and showing excellent ability to drop the ball inside the 20-yard line. Bowden is a self made punter that had to sit for a couple of seasons before securing the starting position. His mechanics are solid but he needs to continue to improve his overall consistency at the next level. Bowden has the tools to develop into a solid punter in the league but doesn’t have elite talent to be an impact player as a punter.

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