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Rosie Ruiz lives- London Marathon runner DQd for shortcut

It was a close call too. Anthony Gaskell only won the 65 and over age group by 38 seconds. From AP-

A 69-year-old man who was credited with running the London Marathon in a record time for his age group has been disqualified for taking a 10-mile shortcut.

Questions were raised after Anthony Gaskell finished the April 25 race in 3 hours, 5 minutes, the fastest ever for the over-65 age group.

Gaskell said he dropped out in the middle of the race because of injury and walked to the finish, cutting out part of the course. He said he never claimed to have won the age-group race and didn’t check the results on the website.

London Marathon organizers confirmed Tuesday that Gaskell had been disqualified and 66-year-old Colin Rathbone declared the over-65 winner.

Either the London marathon doesn’t use transponders to make sure runners make every checkpoint, or Gaskell found a way around the system. I think it’s the former.

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