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Eight Million Dollar mistake- Cincinnati Bengals cut WR Antonio Bryant

He didn’t even play a down for the team. From ESPN-

Bryant was a major disappointment after signing a four-year, $28 million contract this offseason with just under $8 million guaranteed.

He signed with Cincinnati despite offseason knee surgery that hadn’t fully healed. He struggled in minicamp and training camp and didn’t play a game in a Bengals uniform. The writing was on the wall for Bryant once Cincinnati signed veteran receiver Terrell Owens to replace Bryant in the starting lineup.

NFL teams make costly mistakes on players coming off knee injuries all the time. A prime example is the Miami Dolphins who signed Quarterback Dante Culpepper after the 2005 season and at the same time taking a pass on Drew Brees. Culpepper was coming off knee surgery and Brees off a shoulder injury. I don’t think there is a reader of mine out there who doesn’t know how that signing worked out.

Back to Bryant. He is 30 years old. This injury could well be career ending.

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