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The LPGA Tour begins its 2011 season

Tomorrow, or Wednesday night United States time, The United States based Women’s Professional Golf organization will begin playing its first event of the year.

Some Predictions

Major Champions- Choi, Pettersen, Wie, IK Kim
Player of the Year- Choi
Rookie of the Year- Jennifer Song
Comeback Player of the Year- Eun Hee Ji
Song Hee Kim will win her first LPGA tournament

Under the fold are my top 30 players for this year. Mostly Harmless has a round up of other prognostications from LPGA followers.

1 Tseng
2 NY Choi
3 Shin
4 Creamer
5 Wie
6 Pettersen
7 SH Kim
8 IK Kim
9 A Miyazato
10 IB Park
11 Lincicome
12 V Hurst
13 A Yang
14 Stanford
15 Nordqvist
16 M Miyazato
17 Ji
18 Hull
19 Yoo
20 Hur
21 Webb
22 Pressel
23 C Kim
24 Lang
25 Lewis
26 Pak
27 JY Lee
28 McPherson
29 Prammanasudh
30 J Song

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