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Shaun Alexander Suggests Future Direction for Madden

Being employed by the technology sector, this story appeals to both the computer AND the football geek in me, even though I don’t personally play Madden. Shaun Alexander suggests improving the Madden experience.

I remember when Madden first came out – my friends played it on Sega Genesis. It was revolutionary for its time – you could control a team playing football! It was like you were behind the center, snapping the ball! You could choose plays!

Time has gone by. Computers and gaming systems have improved. However, besides the graphics, Madden has not. Its still pretty much the same as it was on the old Sega systems, with some improved graphics.

So it is refreshing to hear the cover athelete from this year’s game suggest improvements.

At least, that’s the hope of Shaun Alexander, running back for the Seattle Seahawks. In a press appearance in New York last week, Alexander offered (registration required) his ideas about how EA’s aging Madden series could be made better. “Madden has always been great,” he said . “But it’s always been one-on-one, just you and another person, and real football is a team game.”

Alexander continued: “You should be able to make a team and play together with your friends. Like if you have 10 friends, you could all play different positions and be in 10 different houses and play together over the Internet. Or maybe you just have like five people, and you control the skill positions and the program controls the other guys.”

I love this idea – why not have a video game that makes you work together like a real football team? Keep the single player option, but with the way the internet is connecting other games like World of Warcraft, why not have a Madden where you could assemble a team?

Even though I rooted against him in the Super Bowl, I’m rooting for Alexander in this one.

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I’d feel for the poor schlub who always got stuck being an offensive lineman.

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