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Jaguars to Make Cowboys Wear Dark Jerseys in Heat

The Jaguars are going to make the Cowboys wear their dark blue jerseys when they come to town Sunday, hoping to gain an advantage.

For the second consecutive season, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio will try to use Jacksonville’s heat and humidity to his advantage in the home opener.

Del Rio said Monday he will make the Dallas Cowboys wear their blue home jerseys on the road Sunday, hoping the dark shirts will cause more sweat for players unaccustomed to dealing with the sweltering Florida sun.

“I just like Dallas’ dark jerseys,” Del Rio said sarcastically. “I like those white helmets they wear with those dark jerseys. I think they’re pretty classy. We’ll let them wear them here.”

All three Florida teams — Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami — typically wear white jerseys at home during the first month of the season and make opponents wear dark jerseys.

The AP reporter apparently does not watch a lot of football. Dallas wears its white jerseys at home almost exclusively. And, aside from when they wear their so-called “throwback” uniforms, the Cowboys’ helmets are silver, not white. Ironically, Del Rio played for the Cowboys from 1989-91, so you think he’d know that.

In the 1970s, many Dallas fans thought the team’s blue jerseys were jinxed, as they seemed to wear them in most of their losses. What that failed to take into account is that Dallas always wore their whites at home and tended to on the road as well, since most teams prefer to wear their more colorful jersey in front of the home crowd. That meant the team only wore their dark jerseys on the road against certain teams. Regardless, Tex Shramm had a radically different set of blue jerseys, much darker than the traditional ones, designed for the 1981 season.

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