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Weekly Miami Dolphins prediction

The Dolphins play host to the Buffalo Bills this afternoon. Both teams stand 0-1 for the season.

Miami looked lackluster at best against Pittsburgh while Buffalo almost beat New England. These teams have a long history, including that Dolphins’ Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey was the Bills’ head coach just last season. I played ball against Mularkey 30 years ago when we were both high school students in Broward County Florida. He at Northeast High School and myself at Deerfield Beach.(Another present day coach who Deerfield Beach faced off against, is the current U of GA head coach Mark Richt who went to Boca Raton High School)

Back to the Dolphins and Bills. The series has been pretty predictable, Miami wins at home, Buffalo will win at home if the game is played during the winter. Both teams have lots of question marks, but Miami is better. It isn’t time for Dolphin fans to panic yet. My prediction- Miami 24 Buffalo 10.

Update- Boy that game was ugly. Buffalo 16, Miami 6. What was Culpepper thinking when he threw the INT at the end of the first half. TWO Bills stood in the line from Culpepper to the intended receiver. Both of the two INTS Dante threw against Pittsburgh were bad ideas too. Throwing into double coverage, or not thinking that a LB would just stretch his arms into the path of his pass to intercept it.

I predicted at the end of 2005 Miami would have a losing season. Many prognosticators were predicting big things for Miami this year, while I was skeptical about last year’s 6 game winning streak. I changed my prediction about Miami’s season, now after two games I’m wondering if my initial impression was right.

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