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Dodgers so close to a championship… I can taste it!

Alright Dodger fans, it’s put up or shut up time. For the first time in the “history of sports” the fans can have an impact on a championship. Ok, so I am looking past Jeffery Maier “yanking” Derek Jeter’s routine fly ball out of Tony Tarasco’s glove. Wait a second did I just make reference to the Yanks on a Dodger post? Sorry, my bad. I digressed for a moment; I can’t say it won’t happen again. Excuse me but did somebody say Bartman?

Let me get back to explaining how you can help the Dodgers win a championship. I realize the Boys in Blue have managed only one playoff game victory since 1988, but bare with me. I assure you this championship is something the Dodgers can have wrapped up by January 12.

Ladies and gentleman, grab your mustard! The Dodger Dog has been nominated by AOL City Guide for its City’s Best Hot Dogs 2007 honor for the City of Angels. (And I am not talking about the team down the 5 freeway!)

Head on over to: Best Hot Dogs

The Dodgers have been drawing 3 million fans since 1980 which to me sure appears to be a whole lot of hot dogs chowed down on. With those kind of numbers this championship should be wrapped in relish and onions by the first week of January.


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