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Concerned NBA Fan: No Vote For Shane Battier, others

The NBA All-Star game is less than a month away and the endless debates are starting about who should be an All-Star and who might be an All-Star. Campaigns by teams and fans around the leaugue seek to make a difference in how the vote turns out. I propose a variation of the campaign. Instead of campaigning for potential players to be voted an All-Star why don’t we have campaigns that encourage fans to not vote for a player that is less than deserving. Here is my list of players that should not be voted for under the circumstances of this season:

Yao Ming, Rockets: Unbelievable start to the season does not warrant inclusion in a game that Ming will not be able to participate in because of an injury that has sidelined him for more than a month. Yao is deserving of a vote but his injury means that this is not his year.

Shaquille O’Neal, Heat: See Yao.

Shane Battier, Rockets: Currently, Battier is ahead of Josh Howard, Carlos Boozer, Shawn Marion, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom in the voting for Western Conference forwards. This is a travesty. This has to be a residual effect of the Chinese and foreign voting for Yao. My guess is that the Chinese voters who go to and vote for Yao are filling the rest of the ballot out with fellow Rockets thus explaining the high vote count for Battier and Tracy McGrady.

Any Center in the East: Besides a hurt Shaq and a solid Dwight Howard the rest of the vote getters include an ancient Alonzo Mourning, an ineffective Zaza Pachulia, and a forgettable Nazr Mohammed. If you have to vote for a center vote for Bogut, who is playing very good of late, or Dalembert, whose name is fun to say.

Jerry Stackhouse, Mavericks: I am a Mavericks guy (this is one of the few posts that was not exclusively focused on the Mavs) but how on earth is Stackhouse ahead of Ray Allen in the West voting for guards?

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