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I am always amazed at the stories athletes come up with when they fail drug tests. From throwing a teammate under the bus to claiming they just eat things mailed to them. Well we have a case of a girlfriend throwing herself under the bus around it in one of the most bizarre “sex made me fail my steroid test” excuses yet.

AC Milan soccer star Marco Borriello failed a drug test in November when he tested positive for cortisone and has since blamed it on an ointment he rubbed on his willy. Beyond that his Argentine model girlfriend Belen Rodriguez took responsibility stating she had given him the cream after she had passed an infection to Borriello by making love. Unfortunately for the couple, Italian doctors claim that quantities found in Borriello’s samples are high enough to suggest that he ingested a substance, as opposed to using an external cream or spray. Well rumor has it they have come up with a new version of the excuse involving the ingesting of said ointment cream.

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