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T.O. One and Done with Cowboys?

Calvin Watkins reports that T.O. might be done with the Dallas Cowboys after just one year: “With two seasons remaining on his three-year contract, there is speculation that Terrell Owens will not return to the Cowboys in 2007. And the discussions surrounding Owens involve coach Bill Parcells’ status for 2007. It’s been speculated that if Parcells stays, Owens is gone. And if Parcells is gone, Owens stays.”

As for Owens, he’s refusing to answer questions on the topic.

“It shouldn’t be a situation where I should be talking about whether I want to come back,” said Owens, who said he would get signed by another team if the Cowboys release him. “[The media] should be focusing on the playoffs. This is not anything dealing with whether I’ll be back or not.”

I think there’s a good chance that he won’t be back. While not to the degree he was in Philly, he’s been a distraction in the locker room. More importantly, he has not been all that productive on the field, dropping too many passes and running too many questionable routes for a guy who is supposed to be among the League’s elite receivers. Indeed, his contract was written in such a way that he could be dumped after the first year.

He’s right, though, that someone else will sign him when and if he’s released by the Cowboys.

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