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USA Takes Bronze at World Junior Ice Hockey Championship

Today the US team wrapped up the Bronze Medal by defeating host Sweden 2-1. This finished what had been a roller coaster of a tournament for the US. Starting off pool play with an upset loss to German 2-1 in over time, followed by a 6-3 beating at the hands of Canada. The team turned it around to beat Slovakia 6-1 and in a must win game they beat Sweden 3-2 on a Jack Johnson over-time winner to reach the knock out stage.

Once in the knock out round the US pummeled Finland 6-3 to reach the semi-finals and a rematch with Canada. The US spend the game dominating Canada, but Canada held on thanks to some great goal tending to force a shootout where, Canadian luck and a unbelievably bad decision by the referee not to utilize video review a shot and questionable save(1) that could of won the game for the US, Canada Won the game 2-1, by winning the shootout 5-4.

Despite the disappointment, the US team came out fired up to face Sweden on their home ice for the second time. Facing the Sweden’s home crowd and a bunch of Canadians intent on booing Jack Johnson(2), the US played a tough, physical and smart game in winning 2-1. Congratulations to the USA Juniors for not throwing in the towel despite the adversity they faced and for their hard fought and well deserved Bronze Medal

(1) The play in question involved a shot that went between the legs of the Canadian goalie who slid to a point where his pads were ¾ into the goal. The goalie kicked his legs back out of the goal exposing the puck between his ankles in front of the goal line. The referee determined no goal based on the presentation of the puck and declined to watch the play again using the video replay available to him.

(2) Jack Johnson is one of the most hated players in Canada after he became the one man Canadian wrecking crew during the 2006 Tournament in Vancouver.

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