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Super Bowl in the Rain?

The first quarter of Super Bowl XLI has been fun to watch but easily the sloppiest quarter I’ve seen in one of these games. Several fumbles, slips, slides, and a botched snap on an extra point provided plenty of excitement but it’s not exactly what one would expect of the two premier teams in the game.

Then again, I’ve never seen one of these games played in the pouring rain. Or any rain that I can recall.

There’s a reason they usually play the Super Bowl inside a domed stadium: To ensure a pristine, fair game for both teams. Bad weather necessarily advantages defensive/running oriented teams and hurts passing oriented teams.

I wonder if the League will think harder before having another Super Bowl outdoors?

UPDATE: And has CBS never covered an outdoor sporting event? I’ve never seen a game where the camera lens is so covered with water that the picture is blurry. Watching the game in high definition, as I am, it appears that there’s an oily film covering my set or that I need glasses

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