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Yankee News – Valentine’s Day edition

The Yanks sport the 4th best farm system in baseball. They rank 1st in pitching, but 18th in hitting.

Robbie Cano is the best young second baseman in baseball. He certainly is. Now if only he can improve his patience and defense.

Surprisingly, ranked Venezuelan catcher Jesus Montero the Yanks 4th best prospect, ahead of Clippard, Chamberlain and Kennedy. Strangely, they have yet to rank: Hughes (given #1), Tabata (given #2), Betances and Sanchez. Something’s amiss.

Ron Villone will join the Yanks in Tampa on a minor league deal. Too bad. I was hoping another team would sign him so the Yanks could get another draft pick.

Mo is pissed about Bernie’s and his own contract situation. I think this is pretty much a non-story. Cash Money will talk to Rivera and relax him. But I have no doubt he’ll be resigned after the season for another 2 years (barring injury). At least this will take attention away from Arod for a while.

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