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Sergio Garcia: Spitting mad

The player nicknamed El Nino acted like one yesterday.

DORAL – Sergio Garcia confirmed his unusual hole-in-one at the 13th hole Saturday at the CA Championship at Doral.

Unhappy with his bogey there, he retrieved his ball and then spit into the cup.

NBC reported that viewers called to complain.

Garcia didn’t deny it.

“I did, I’m not going to say no,” Garcia told NBC. “It went down in the middle. It wasn’t going to affect anybody else.

“I just missed the putt and wasn’t very happy.”


Geoff Ogilvy played in the twosome behind Garcia but wasn’t aware the cup had been lubricated.

“I didn’t lick my fingers anyway after I played that hole,” Ogilvy said. “And I wash my hands before I eat.”

Ogilvy didn’t like the idea another player had spit into the cup.

“It’s probably not the right way to play,” Ogilvy said.

Garcia’s behavior is inexcusable. He should be fined at the very least. Then the PGA Tour and USGA did nothing when Tiger Woods intentionally defaced a green at the 2005 US Open. I expect the same in Garcia’s case.

Four hours television coverage of a non-major championship is overkill. Tiger is winning by four with three holes to go.

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