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Fantasy Sports Championship Ring

This may just be taking fantasy sports just a little too far:

Fantasy Sports Rings

The ultimate fantasy reward is now a reality starting with the Signet ring at just $99. Custom built with the year, winner’s name, team name and league initials. Handcrafted by Jostens, the world’s legendary Super Bowl ring maker.

I think I have played a fantasy season twice in my life. Once in college where I drafted my baseball team and never looked at it till the end of the season and finished last. The other was football where despite having I put slightly more effort and managed a 3rd place finish via the playoffs (8th by regular season record). Beyond that I have had no desire to play, especially with all the leagues that charge you to play and the “opportunity” to buy a championship ring strikes me as just stupid. I don’t know what is worse, Jostens offering these rings or the fact that someone will actually buy them.

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