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OTB Sports to live blog LPGA Tour’s year ending ADT Championship

Yesterday I was approved for media credentials in order to cover the final US women’s golf event of 2007. This will be the first time a sporting event was blogged live in person by OTB Sports.

I will be in attendance 4 or 5 days that week. Every day I will walk the course with one of the players and then be in the press room at the end of the day for interviews.

The LPGA to my knowledge has never approved a blogger before. I have to thank two people for helping persuade the LPGA to change their policy. First, James Joyner, the proprietor of OTB Media. James was very kind to sponsor my application. Second, is Palm Beach Post golf writer and blogger, Craig Dolch. Craig put a word in for me with the PR agency handling the event. Thank you James and Craig.

The ADT is a four-day tournament, the winner getting one million dollars. The field starts with 32 players, after Friday’s round it is cut to the low 16. After Saturday’s play, a cut is again made to the low 8. On Sunday all scores are reset. Meaning whoever has the low score on Sunday wins.

Last year’s winner was Julieta Granada. Hope some of you check my coverage next month.

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