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- Hank seems to be losing his temper. He wants Joba to start now while criticizing Mike Mussina. Honestly, he’s not far off base. Don’t worry, Hank, Joba will be a starter in time but there’s something called ‘inning caps’ for his protection. On Moose, I find myself agreeing with Hank, he should learn something from Jamie Moyer. Look at today’s game for proof. Steve Trachsel is basically a poor-man’s Mike Mussina, yet had a very effective start against a great offense. And he did it by doing the opposite of how Moose has been going about pitching this season: he used his fastball sparingly. Mussina still thinks his 85-88 mph fastball is an out-pitch, as evidenced by his five consecutive fastball at-bat against Manny (who homered). Watching Trachsel work his magic, using a lot of changeups and curves, it’s evident Moose needs to follow suit to be an effective pitcher: he has to become a junkballer, and he still has good enough offspeed stuff and command to do it.

- Any ‘Lost‘ fans out there? I just finished season 3, and [spoiler alert] couldn’t believe how idiotic Charlie was. Ok, before we even get to that, how the fuck did Mikhail pull off his stunt? He had a spear in his chest but managed to put on goggles, swim outside the underwater station right to the window where Charlie was and detonate it. Anyway, the grenade went off and Charlie drowned. But Jesus, did he not see the gaping hole that he could have easily swam out of to safety?

- Watched highlights from the Rangers-Devils game 5 and something jumped out at me. The Devils score and are celebrating in front of the glass boards; that’s all good and normal but right behind them a Ranger fan is furious and gives them the double middle-finger. It’s clear as day on TV and funny as hell.

- Andy the Stopper.

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