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Is golfer Annika Sorenstam pregnant?

Tiger Woods made some interesting remarks at a press conference yesterday-

Q. What was your reaction when you heard Annika, that she would retire at the end of the season? And have you spoken with her since then? And, if so, what have you spoken about?

TIGER WOODS: I knew that was going to happen. She’s done it all. She’s been through it all. For men and women, it is two totally different things. Who knows, she might come back or not. I doubt it. I don’t see Annika ever doing anything half-ass. The time she is going to spend with her child and her family, I don’t ever see her ever wanting to come back to the game of golf in that capacity. What it takes to do that, I don’t foresee her doing it. We talked quite a bit after that.

Based on these comments, golf bloggers Ryan and Geoff have begun the speculation. That the reason Annika announced her retirement is due to her being pregnant. Could Annika of been pregnant at the time of the press conference? I don’t remember what movie it was said in, but here’s my three word reply-

Not bloody likely.

Here’s why-

Annika stated at her May 13th press conference that her last event would be the Dubai Ladies Masters . That tournament ends on December 13th 2008.

If Annika knew she was pregnant at the press conference, she would have to be at the very least four weeks pregnant.(An HPT finding out that very day she is having a baby). If Annika was 4 weeks at the time of her conference, I used an online pregnancy calculator to determine-

Her due date would be January 20, 2009

Therefore she would be 34.4 weeks pregnant minimum the day the Dubai tournament ends.

All of you raise your hands if you know a professional lady golfer who competed in a pro golf tournament at that time in her pregnancy?

Not too many hands up in the air, eh?

Therefore I hypothesize that Annika was probably not pregnant at the time of her May 13th press conference.

Other circumstantial evidence in favor of my opinion-

1- A doctor would likely tell Annika to stop playing

2- Annika would likely not want to risk both her and her first child’s health by competing.

3- Fellow Swede Carin Koch is an LPGA pro in addition to being mother to two and she and Annika know one another well. Annika would likely of known when Carin stopped playing.

A woman can play golf if she wants up to birth, but the Vicky Hurst story notwithstanding, it isn’t the most comfortable of things to do. An amateur golfer also can use a golf cart, Annika would have no such thing in Dubai.

Could Annika be pregnant? Yes. If she is, I wish Annika well.

Would she play Dubai next December if she was 34 weeks pregnant at the time? No.

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