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Milwaukee Brewers want call overturned and no-hitter given to CC Sabathia

This after a controversial official scorer’s call in Sunday’s game between Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. From AP-

The Milwaukee Brewers want CC Sabathia to be awarded the first retroactive no-hitter in major league history. After Sabathia tossed a 1-hitter on Sunday in which the only hit was an infield single that could have been called an error, the Brewers vowed to send a DVD of the play to Major League Baseball, asking that the call be overturned.

“He accomplished a no-hitter and wasn’t given what he deserved. That should have been a no-hitter,” manager Ned Yost said after the Brewers’ 7-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday. “That’s a stinking no-hitter we all got cheated from. I feel horrible for CC.”

There’s nothing the league can do about it officially. According to baseball’s rulebook, only the official scorer may change a judgment scoring call.

If official scorer Bob Webb were to decide to change the call, it would be the first time in major league history a no-hitter was awarded retroactively.

There have been no-hitters taken away retroactively years afterwards. This when MLB redefined what qualifies as a no-hitter. Rain shortened games, and combination no-hit games shouldn’t really count. That’s just my opinion.

What does CC think of what happened

Sabathia accepted the scoring call calmly, blaming himself for LaRoche getting on.

“The ball was still rolling and I probably should have picked it up with my glove. We probably wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Sabathia said. “I think if I pick it up with my glove, I get him.”

I saw the play in question on ESPN. My personal opinion- The call is marginal either way. I don’t think Sabathia would have thrown out the runner if he had gloved the ball.

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