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Alabama Screwed in Both Polls

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide went into the weekend ranked #2, having beaten then-#9 Clemson and then-#4 Georgia on the road thus far this season.  The #1 ranked team, Oklahoma, got beaten by #5 Texas.   So, Alabama’s #1, right?

Not so fast.

Texas leapfrogged five spots to take the #1 spot in both the AP and USA Today polls.

It’s a travesty.

Look, Texas could well be the best team in the country.  Then again, there was a strong argument to be made that Alabama was that two weeks ago when it pummeled Georgia in the dogpound.  It’s simply a joke, though, for them not to move up while being undefeated, having beaten two top ten teams, and playing in the top football conference in the land.

Gentry Estes says the Tide may be better off at #2, which I find rather dubious.  He’s right, though, that “At this point, there is no way Alabama could win out and not find itself in the BCS title game.”

There’s still a lot of football to play.  Alabama hasn’t been ranked #1 during the regular season since 1980.  They won the 1992-93 national championship by going in as the #2 team and whomping then-#1 Miami and the Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torreta.   But they deserved the top spot given their performance this year so far.

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Alabama Crimson Tide got beat in the polls by some people who just don’t understand how tuff it is to play in the SEC. Ole Miss, Miss State and Vanderbilt can beat you on a regular basis. The power houses like Alabama, Georgia, Florida and LSU will dominate most of the country but playing in this league week in and week out is tuff really really tuff.

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