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Jeff Kent retires; next stop Cooperstown

Jeff Kent has retired and will most certainly be headed to Baseball’s Hall of Fame. The all time leader in home runs by a 2nd baseman, Kent may possibly the third best in baseball history to play the position (offensively at least, while more than capable defensively he was certainly no Frank White or Ryne Sandberg). Here is how he stacks up against the best 2nd baseman. (Stats include games played at all positions.)

Player AVG/OBP/SLG HRs RBIs OPS+ All-Star MVPs
Rogers Hornsby .358/.434/.577 301 1584 175 0(no games in his era) 2
Joe Morgan .271/.392/.427 268 1133 132 10 2
Ryne Sandberg .285/.344/.452 282 1061 114 10 1
Jeff Kent .290/.356/.500 377 1518 123 5 1

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