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Ottawa Senator Jarkko Ruutu suspended two games for bite

It is not known if his victim will need a rabies shot. From AP-

The NHL acted swiftly after what happened in the first period of Buffalo’s 4-2 home win. Peters started the skirmish by shoving the palm of his glove into Ruutu’s face and pushing him into the boards at the Senators’ bench.

Ruutu responded by chomping down on Peters’ glove, catching his teeth on the player’s thumb, which is not padded. The force of Ruutu’s bite broke the skin and drew blood on the Peters’ right thumb. As Peters pulled away in pain, his glove was ripped off by Ruutu’s bite.

Peters was penalized for sparking the skirmish. Ruutu was not penalized.

Biting isn’t some kind of penalty? Only in the NHL.

Here’s the video of the incident

To be honest two games is a slap on the wrist, even with the lost salary. Suspend him for a couple of months. This behavior doesn’t belong in pro sports.

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