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Colorado Rockies fire Manager Clint Hurdle

He had led the Rockies since 2002. From AP-

The Colorado Rockies fired manager Clint Hurdle on Friday, less than two years after their incredible “Roctober” run to the World Series, and replaced him with bench coach Jim Tracy for the rest of the season.

Without reliable hitting, pitching or defense, the Rockies stumbled to an 18-28 start and were 14½ games behind Los Angeles in the NL West heading into Friday night’s action.

“It was been a tremendous ride. It has been life lesson after life lesson,” Hurdle said. “And I will tell you this, the last seven weeks I have said the serenity prayer more times than I did in the last seven years.”

Hurdle, who had been Colorado’s manager since replacing Buddy Bell three weeks into the 2002 season, was 534-625 for a .460 winning percentage in his seven-plus seasons.

“Obviously, he takes the sword for us,” first baseman Todd Helton said in a subdued clubhouse. “He didn’t have any bad at-bats, he didn’t throw any bad pitches. He’s the same manager he was two years ago. So, we realize that ultimately we’re the reason he got fired.”

I agree Hurdle did nothing wrong. The Rockies just haven’t performed and the manager as always makes a convenient scapegoat. Tracy has managed both the LA Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates. While the Pirates stunk during Tracy’s term with the team and would have done so with anyone in the job, the Dodgers arguably were one of baseball’s biggest MLB underacheivers from 2001-2005. Tracy is unlikely to alter Colorado’s fortunes this year.

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