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ShopRite Classic returning to LPGA in 2010

The full 2010 schedule will be announced later this week. From AP-

The ShopRite LPGA Classic is back in business.

Tournament organizers, ShopRite and the LPGA announced Monday that the longtime Atlantic City-area fixture will return to the women’s schedule in June after a three-year absence.

The $1.5 million event will be held June 14-20 at the Seaview Resort in Galloway Township outside Atlantic City, coinciding with the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

Tournament executive director Tim Erensen said the parties signed a series of five one-year contracts that include opt-outs for all signees after each year.

This is without question good news for the LPGA and it would have never happened if Carolyn Bivens was still Commissioner. It was her decision to give Shoprite’s dates on the LPGA schedule to a new sponsor and tournament(Since departed Ginn Tribute) that caused the tournament to fold up its tent. At the time it happened I sharply criticized Bivens’ actions and said the course she was taking was potentially disastrous for the LPGA. I proved to be right, but few people other than myself was willing to say the truth about Bivens till 2008. She’s gone now and it is already looking like the LPGA is better off without her and can make a recovery from the mess she created.

Hat tip- Waggleroom

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