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Tennis Channel accuses Comcast of bias

TTC’s chief executive called the case ‘a litmus test’. From AP-

The Tennis Channel has filed a complaint with federal regulators accusing Comcast of discriminating against its programming.

The Tennis Channel alleges that Comcast isolates the network on a premium sports tier that reaches only a small fraction of subscribers, even as it carries Comcast-owned networks such as the Golf Channel and Versus on basic tiers that reach many more customers.

The Tennis Channel filed its complaint with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday.

I have both Comcast(Our homeowner’s association has a deal with the cable company) and Directv. TTC(and NHL network) is on a high tier with Comcast and one I rarely go to. Golf Channel, FSN Florida, and NFL Network are on lower tiers but in NFL’s case, it is part of Comcast’s digital package.

On the other hand, Directv has NFL, NHL, GC, and TTC all in a row right after ESPN. Versus is up in the stratosphere along with all the FSN channels. Is Comcast biased? Probably. Should they be forced to move TTC downward? I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but why didn’t TTC just ask Comcast? The Cable company has to have many tennis fans, and with competition from satellite providers, should have a desire to keep them happy.

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