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The Agony of victory- Anaheim beats Boston 4-3

Last night’s victory could prove to be a very painful one for the Ducks. From AP-

The Anaheim Ducks’ season-high fifth straight victory was tempered substantially with word that Teemu Selanne fractured his jaw.Teemu Selanne

Playing his third game after missing the previous 17 because of a broken hand, Selanne was injured with 8:29 left in the Ducks’ 4-3 victory over Boston on Wednesday night. Teammate Ryan Whitney took a slap shot from the left point that deflected off the stick of Boston’s Miroslav Satan and bounced up into Selanne’s face.

“We’ll have to see if it can be surgically repaired tomorrow and what kind of time frame they’re going to give us,” coach Randy Carlyle said. “It’s a tough loss, especially the way it happened. That’s unfortunate for Teemu. We know how much he loves to play the game. It’s unfortunate for him and unfortunate for us. We were just starting to get some bodies back in our lineup and get our likes settled, but that’s just the way it goes. Injuries are part of it.”

Selanne, a 10-time All-Star and three-time NHL goal-scoring champion, is expected to be sidelined anywhere from four to eight weeks. He was planing on competing in the his second Olympics next month in Vancouver.

NHL players are a hardy lot, but a broken jaw which requires it to wired shut, will require a person to slow down. That due to a person’s feeding habits having to be radically altered. A person with a broken jaw will lose weight and easily become dehydrated.

So the Olympics are possibly out for Selanne.(The Florida Panthers are scheduled to play Anaheim on February 1st and aren’t likely to see Selanne then. I was possibly planning to go to that game since it won’t be on television.) Will his injury do damage to the Ducks’ playoff hopes? It certainly can’t help, as this moment Anaheim is 12th in the Western Conference standings.

Get well Teemu.

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