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NFL fines Jets $100,000 for tripping incident

When the play happened, no flag was thrown by the referees. From ESPN-

The NFL fined the New York Jets $100,000 in the wake of discoveries involving strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, who instructed inactive players to stand in a wall in a prohibited area on the sideline to deter opposing teams’ players during special-teams plays.

“This is both a competitive violation as well as a dangerous tactic,” read the NFL statement to announce the fine.

The issue came to light when Alosi was caught on camera putting his knee forward as Miami gunner Nolan Carroll ran toward the Jets sideline and was tripped. Carroll was not injured. Alosi was suspended until the end of the season by the Jets for the trip.

On video replays of the moments before Alosi’s knee made contact with Carroll, it was apparent the Jets players were standing very close together. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said Alosi hadn’t been fully truthful initially, and when the Jets learned he had instructed players to stand that way, they suspended him indefinitely.

“We will comply with the league’s decision,” said a Jets spokesperson.

Both Jets coach Rex Ryan and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said they were unaware of the tactic.

Ryan and Westhoff knew what was going on. Alosi was thrown under the bus by the Jets. Not that Alosi didn’t deserve it. The Jets were equally deserving of today’s punishment.

Just for amusement sake, I put the video of the infamous 1954 Cotton Bowl play where a Alabama play came off the sideline and tackled a Rice player. The first showing of the play comes at the :45 mark of the video.

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