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Bonds and Steroids: Circumstantial Evidence?

David Pinto, the pre-eminent baseball blogger, thinks there are a lot of holes in Game of Shadows, the forthcoming book that has made a splash charging that Barry Bonds used steroids.

He notes a contradiction. On the one hand, we are offered this about Bonds: “Most attributed the changes in Bonds’s body to a heavy workout regimen, as though a 34-year-old man could gain 15 pounds of muscle in 100 days without drugs.” Yet no one seems to bat an eye when told, “Giants starter Jason Schmidt changed his routine and spent part of his offseason at the Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz. He played catch in the mornings with Boston’s Curt Schilling, took a crash course in nutrition and hit the weights diligently enough to add 20 pounds, while simultaneously shedding body fat.”

Quite true. And Bonds’ workout routine is legendary. Schmidt, by contrast has always been a little on the pudgy side.

Now, my inclination is that Bonds was indeed on the Juice. But we need more than mere innuendo to hang him for those suspicions.



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I don’t think there are a lot of holes. But writing wholesale speculation instead of relying on just facts hurts the authors’ credibility. They should stick to the records of BALCO and testimony of people who say they knew Bonds used steroids.

Posted by David Pinto | March 9, 2006 | 08:32 pm | Permalink

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