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Baseball milestone roundup

Baseball Crank disputes that with Glavine we’ve seen the last of the 300 game winner.
Plus he has related thoughts here and here. Still, Dayn Perry doesn’t think we’re seeing another 300 game winner any time soon.

In Drinking up the Dregs Baseball Musings seemingly asks the question if great sluggers beat up on the worst pitchers the most. He has more at The Story and Thank the Pirates. Hardball Times engages in some similar speculation in How to Fix the Pirates. Dayn Perry considers A-Rod’s chances of dethroning Barry Bonds as Home Run king. Deadspin doubts the claim that Barry Bonds’ arms haven’t grown since 1992 and presents photographic evidence.

JoshuaPundit thinks the ambivalence shown Bonds is a good thing. Don Surber’s thoughts are closer to my own.

Finally, Outside the Beltway has the ultimate Barry Bonds roundup.

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