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NFL Announces Opener, Monday Night Games, Extra Thanksgiving Game

NFL Announces first games.

NBC will be hosting the Dolphins at Steelers game on Thursday, September 7th at 8:30 PM ET, in their return to airing NFL games. The Sunday night slot that NBC has will be feature the Indianapolis Colts and the New York (football) Giants, in what has already been dubbed the “Manning Bowl”, the first time in NFL history that brothers have faced each other at quarterback. I have a feeling that fans are going to wish both teams could lose by the time the media hypes this one up.

FOX will feature Dallas and Jacksonville at 4:15 ET on Sunday. Monday Night Football will feature a double header on ESPN. The Minnesota Vikings will face the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field at 7 PM ET, followed by the 10:15 game at Oakland featuring the Raiders and the Chargers.

Thanksgiving will feature three games this year instead of two. The Dolphins will play at Detroit at 12:30 PM ET, followed by Tampa Bay at Dallas. Finally, at 8:30 PM ET, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Denver Broncos in a revival of a traditional Thanksgiving game Kansas City held in their AFL days. This will also be the first game broadcast by the NFL Network.

These seem like good matchups for opening weekend, though as I mentioned above, the “Manning Bowl” will probably get annoying. I look forward to seeing how NBC does with football, and also to see how ESPN handles the Monday Night games.

The rest of the NFL schedule should be out sometime in April.

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