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What the Heck…? More ESPN Sucktitude

I was watching ESPN the other night for the Pitt vs. WVU game, and they did an item about Jerome Bettis on SportsCenter. The anchor talked about how he’d ended his career in the perfect way and that he was now going off into the sunset. They mentioned his move to an analyst’s chair. And then that was it.

No statements from him had happened that day, he wasn’t arrested for anything — in short, as far as I could tell, nothing had happened to Bettis that evening that we didn’t know about last month. So why was he on SportsCenter? The item wasn’t even a minute long . . . . I didn’t get it.

Truly weird.

Since then was the bizarre incident where Bettis lost thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in Detriot So maybe they had meant to refer to that. However, ESPN needs to hire anchors who have an attention span long enough to realize what the story is about. No wonder PTI is the only thing worth watching anymore. I seriously waited at least day before the jewelry story hit the local Pittsburgh papers.

Originally posted at The Unusual Suspects. The post there was my confused reaction after hearing the item on Bettis, and being able to find nothing on the internet (Google News included) about Bettis.

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