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Bettis Thinks Cowher Is Done After This Year

Various Pittsburgh media outlets are reporting that the Bus has found somewhere he ISN’T greeted with roses in the streets – Cincinnati, where fans still feel bitter over losing Palmer to a Steeler hit in the playoffs last year, and then going on to win a Super Bowl. He just made his first appearance as an analyst on NBC’s football coverage.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Bettis doesn’t think Cowher is returning next year. Via WPXI:

He wasted no time making a prediction about coach Bill Cowher and Cowher’s future with the Steelers.

“I really think this is the last year for Coach Cowher in Pittsburgh. I talked with him after the season was over and he was really a different coach, a different guy,” Bettis said.

I suspected as such. Cowher has done just about everything an NFL coach can do – he’s won at every level. The only thing left is winning back to back Super Bowls: other accomplishments after that point are either icing on the cake, or so unattainable that it isn’t worth staying around just to see if you are the guy to do them unless the circumstances are JUST right.

NC State may soon have a be-jawed atheletic director, if the rumors are correct.

Gene Wojciechowski has more, if you are interested in reading more speculation.

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