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Gabe Rivera has added yet another Memeorandum spinoff, this one for seamheads:

As the 2006 MLB season kicks off this week, the outlets for baseball coverage have grown more numerous and diverse than ever. Local newspaper sites, national news networks, and official MLB releases all play an important role. For the most obsessive fans, the same is true for baseball blogs, which excel in analysis, opinion, speculation, and scandal.

Of course this means keeping track of the biggest baseball stories on the Web is now impossible without clicking on links all day. And (yep) this leads us to Ballbug, which offers a news summary, updated every 5 minutes, spotlighting the most buzzed about baseball stories and blog posts from thousands of web sites. So if you’re a baseball fan, I’m hoping you’ll become a Ballbug fan as well!

It’s a good idea. His pop culture aggregator, WeSmirch, has been quite helpful in finding information for Gone Hollywood. I’m sure I’ll find some material for OTB Sports at Ballbug, too.

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