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Could Bush Fall to #5?

The Houston Texans are in negotiations with both running back Reggie Bush and defensive end Mario Williams. Conventional wisdom has had Bush being the number one pick. Suppose the Texans get a better deal with Williams and draft him. Does New Orleans take Bush even though they have Deuce McAllister at running back? Maybe with Williams gone they get the next-best defensive player out there by taking A.J. Hawk. Tennessee needs a quarterback since they’ve locked out Steve McNair, but they could use a magical back like Bush. The New York Jets have the ageless Curtis Martin, but he’ll be turning 32 in a few days. As much as I’d like to hope I can’t see Reggie Bush available at the Green Bay Packers’ spot even if Williams was picked number one. The only scenerios I can see of the Packers getting Bush is if New Orleans reaches for Hawk at number two of if they trade picks with Oakland who would draft Vince Young, and the Jets grab D’Brickashaw Ferguson. It’s not likely to happen, but anything can happen in the NFL Draft. Heck, a few years ago the Minnesota Vikings ran out of time in the first round and had other teams quickly draft ahead of them.

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