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Bledsoe Blows Yet Another Game

I just watched the Cowboys-Eagles game via TiVo delay (it’s my first wedding anniversary today).

On the one hand, I’m pleased that the team had a shot to tie it up with seconds to go despite an incredible number of turnovers and Drew Bledsoe looking like Drew Henson. Still, that’s a game they could have won with some decent QB play.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tony Romo gets the next start. I don’t think there’s much more the offensive line can do and, since the coaching staff seems allergic to the shotgun formation, the team has to do something to give the offense a shot at getting the ball off without the quarterback in panic mode. Given that Bledsoe’s lousy mobility and awful decison-making under pressure has cost the team two games this year and at least three last year, there’s not much argument left for sticking with the wily veteran.

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