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Tiki Barber Plans to Retire at End of Season

Tiki Barber the New York Giants’ all-time rusher plans to call it quits after this season:

“I’ve been talking about retirement for years now, and it has nothing to do with being physical or money or Hall of Fame,” Barber said. “It’s all about my desires, and for me to change them would compromise my integrity and would compromise who I am as a person and what I’ve always stood for.”

“I have a lot of interests and I’ve never wanted to be solely defined as a football player,” said Barber, who will earn $4.15 million this season. “I wasn’t that way in high school, I wasn’t that way in college and I won’t compromise my ideals to be that way in the National Football League.”

Tiki’s been very productive the past few years. Last year, he rushed for 1860 yards. In 2004, he rushed for 1518. If he does retire he’ll be like Barry Sanders and leave at his peak.

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