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Candidates for Alabama Football Coach has compiled a list of leading candidates to replace Mike Shula as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football program.

Frank Beamer Name – Frank Beamer
Age – 60
Current position – Virgina Tech 1987-present
Overall record – 146-79-2
Career highlights – 9 coach of the year awards / 4 conf titles

Jim Grobe Name – Jim Grobe
Age – 54
Current position – Wake Forest 2001-present
Overall record – 34-33

Career highlights – 1 acc title game

Paul Johnson Name – Paul Johnson

Age – 49
Current position – Navy 2002-present

Overall record – 28-21
Career highlights – 3 bowl games / coach of the year

Houston Nutt Name – Houston Nutt

Age – 49

Current position – Arkansas 1998-present
Overall record – 63-47
Career highlights – 1998 coach of the year / 6 bowl games / 2 sec divison titles

Bobby Petrino Name – Bobby Petrino

Age – 45
Current position – Louisville 2003-present
Overall record – 39-9
Career highlights – 1 bowl win / Conference USA title / highest ranking in school history

Rich Rodriguez Name – Rich Rodriguez
Age – 43
Current position – West Virgina 2001-present
Overall record – 45-22

Career highlights – 3 shares of Big East title / BCS bowl / Highest rank in school history

Nick Saban Name – Nick Saban
Age – 55
Current position – Miami Dolphins 2005-present

Overall record (college) 91-40-1
Career highlights – 9 bowls / 1 national title

Greg Schiano Name – Greg Schiano
Age – 40

Current position – Rutgers 2000-present
Overall record – 19-39
Career highlights – 1 bowl game / Highest rank in school history

Steve Spurrier Name – Steve Spurrier

Age – 61
Current position – South Carolina 2005-present
Overall record – 156-52-2
Career highlights – 1 national title / 7 conf titles

Jeff Tedford Name – Jeff Tedford

Age – 45
Current position – California 2002-present
Overall record – 33-17

Career highlights – 3 bowl games / pac 10 coach of the year

I think we can safely rule out Saban–this would be a step down for him–and it’s also pretty unlikely Spurrier would be interested. Both have publicly denied any interest in the job:

Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban, who won a national championship at LSU in 2003, would fit that criteria. But he flatly denied any interest in the Crimson Tide job while speaking to reporters in Miami following Monday’s practice. “No, I haven’t,” Saban said when asked if he had been contacted by Alabama. “I don’t care to be. I don’t want to be. I have a job to do here. My focus is on our players, this team, us getting better and us playing good, winning football here.

“I had a good college job, so why would I have left that if I would be interested in another college job?”

In fact, Saban said Alabama should not have dismissed Shula, who was 26-23 in four seasons at Alabama. “I’m not interested in any other circumstances or situations anyplace else,” Saban said. “Mike Shula is a good guy. He’s a friend. I hate to see anybody not be able to maintain. I think he’s done a good job there and should have been given an opportunity to stay there.”

Another popular candidate with fans, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, issued a Saban-like statement Monday distancing himself from the Tide search. The statement was released by the USC sports information office, which also said Spurrier was on a recruiting trip in Florida. “I have no intention of leaving South Carolina,” said Spurrier, who guided Florida to the 1996 national championship. “It’s always flattering when a South Carolina coach is rumored for these big-time programs. This one will die down in two or three days, too.”

Beyond Saban and Spurrier, possible candidates include Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe, Louisville coach Bobby Petrino, Navy coach Paul Johnson, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt, West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez and Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer.

I can’t imagine Beamer would be interested, either. Virginia Tech has been a more successful program than Alabama of late and he has built a legacy there.

Petrino and Johnson, especially, seem like good possibilities. They’re young guys, proven winners, and Alabama would be a legitimate step up the ladder.

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Norm Chow!!
Norm Chow!!!

Posted by Winston | November 29, 2006 | 11:25 am | Permalink


Posted by JUSTIN SKAGGS | December 15, 2006 | 12:02 am | Permalink

Get off the annual “Let’s try to pull Petrino away from Louisville.” He’s built a reputation there that’s moving ever upward. Let U of L have their days in the sun. Go after an Alabama native son who has ties to the program and would invest himself in their future. Going after a “hired gun” will only lead to another Dennis Francione episode. Roll Tide !!!!

Posted by Chris | December 27, 2006 | 11:56 am | Permalink

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