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Blizzard May Keep AI from Denver

A blizzard may keep Alan Iverson from joining Denver when they face Phoenix.

DENVER – With a blizzard blowing through town, the Denver Nuggets don’t expect Allen Iverson at Wednesday night’s game against Phoenix.

“Highly improbable to next to impossible,” said Mark Warkentien, Denver’s vice president of basketball operations.

But he wouldn’t rule it out.

“As we speak we’re exploring every alternative way,” Warkentien said. “Is there another airport that’s open within driving distance? Is there a military base that’s open? If there’s any way we can do it, we’re trying. But I don’t want to paint a picture that he’ll be here.”

With the Suns on a hot streak, they could have used Iverson. However, the weather is not under the Nuggets’ control.

Also, they make it sound like they are trying to get the President in for a vital summit meeting. “Check all the small airports! Military bases! AI MUST GET THROUGH!” I find that amusing, but in the end, this will delay Iverson’s arrival for one game: no one is going to remember this five years from now except the ESPN statisticians who are paid to pop up weird stats during games.

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