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Giants 2007 Potential Head Coaches

I almost hope the Jints lose their last 2 games to ensure the coaching staff does not return. Every unit is underperforming. Let’s look at some of the top offensive and defensive units, and who their respective coordinators are, specifically the guys under 45. My favorites in italics.

Offensive Coordinators
1. New Orleans
Doug Marrone, 41 years old. From the Bronx (Represent!), leads the best offense in football with a rookie RB, a new QB, their best WR injured, and an average O-line.

2. Indy
Tom Moore (68, way too old to become a HC now).

3. Philly
Marty Mornhinweg, 44. He’s done a very impressive job this year. McNabb went down a few weeks ago, Westbrook is a good but not great RB, and they have no great WRs. An above average O-line.

4. Dallas
‘Offensive Quality Control’? David Lee (53, too old for me).

5. San Diego
Cam Cameron, 45, but admittedly has a lot of weapons: ‘best RB in football’ LT, Rivers, Gates, Turner.

6. Pittsburgh
Ken Whisenhunt, 44. An impressive job. They’ve lost 2 good WRs the last 2 years, and still have a great offense.

Honorable Mentions.

8. St. Louis
Greg Olson, 43.

9. Green Bay
Jeff Jagodzinski, 43.

13. New England
Josh McDaniels, 30. Similar to Mangini. Better to get a guy too early than too late. He’s done a good job considering they have no great WRs. How can you go wrong with the Patriots pedigree?

14. Minnesota
Darrell Bevell, 36. Brad Johnson and Tarvaris Jackson are the QBs – not exactly Hall of Famers.

23. Jets
Brian Schottenheimer, 33. Two rookies on the O-line, two below average RBs, a weak armed (but accurate) QB, 2 good WRs, and no TEs. He’s doing a lot with a little.

1. Baltimore
Rex Ryan, 44. He has some nice weapons, but still, it’s just a dominating D.

2. Jacksonville
Mike Smith, 47, a bit too old.

3. Miami
‘Defensive Quality Control’? Glenn Pires, 48, too old.

4. Oakland
Rob Ryan, 44. Impressive with that sad excuse for a team.

5. Chicago
Ron Rivera, 44. Another dominating D (most of the time).

6. New England
Dean Pees, 57, too old.

7. San Diego
Wade Phillips, 58, too old.

8. Minnesota
Mike Tomlin, 34. Who thought the Vikings would have such a good D?

I hope to see one of the italicized names manning the sidelines next year for the Gmen. Lewis, Huffnagel and Coughlin just aren’t cutting it. Even with all the injuries, there are too many other weapons for this team to be .500. A youthful infusion (like Mangini and Schotteinheimer are to the Jets) is needed.

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