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Rich Rodriguez Likely to Be Offered Alabama Job

The Birmingham News reports that the Alabama job is Rich Rodriguez’ if he wants it.

If West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez wants the Alabama head football coaching job, UA officials were prepared to offer it to him, three sources close to the search said Tuesday.

ESPN is reporting that things are not quite that close.

West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez termed his meeting Tuesday with Alabama athletic director Mal Moore in New York as “informal” and tried to lower expectations that anything substantive occurred. However, Alabama will make a decision whether to offer Rodriguez the job within the next 72 hours, a source with knowledge of the discussion told’s Ivan Maisel Tuesday night.

My hope is that Maisel is right. Rodriguez is likely a good hire: A proven coach with more experience than anyone hired by the Tide since Gene Stallings. Still, the school should at least take the opportunity to interview two or three candidates to be sure they’re getting the right guy. There’s no real rush here, as the only other comparable opening right now is the Miami gig. Unless they’re both bidding for the same guy, they should take their time.

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