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Kansas City Penguins (Part II)

Yesterday I mentioned Pittsburgh Penguins Ownership visiting Kansas City in AEG’s attempt to lure them to the City. Well AEG just pulled the goalie for an extra skater, offering free rent and equal management stake in the new arena.

The Pittsburgh Penguins could play rent-free and be equal managing partners in the new Sprint Center if they move to Kansas City, under an offer unveiled Thursday by the arena’s operating group.

Tim Leiweke, president of Anschutz Entertainment Group, said the Penguins would not have to buy into the management agreement. The $276 million Sprint Center is scheduled to open in October.


“We are not trying to steal the Penguins,” Leiweke said. “We have been very respectful of their process. We understand that this is Pittsburgh’s to lose, and we respect that.”

Anschutz officials, including former Pittsburgh star Luc Robitaille, met Wednesday and Thursday with Penguins owner Mario Lemieux, his partner, Ron Burkle, and other team representatives.

“They have told us they will make a decision within 30 days,” Leiweke said. “We will know within 30 days whether they are going to work out their issues in Pittsburgh and get an arena built, or whether they will ask the NHL for permission to move the team to Kansas City.”

Leiweke lives up to his nickname of “Lie Weekly” given to him by Kings Fans, with that kind of deal on the table, you are trying to steal the team. With this offer on the table and the lack of a solution or even an offer close to this in Pittsburgh for the team, the ownership would have to be really loyal or really stupid not to jump on it. I guess we will all know in 30 days.

I won’t even get into calling Luc Robitaille a “Pittsburgh star” when he only played there one season…

Update: In all fairness, you could call Luc a Pittsburgh Star. After all it was he who in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals scored with 0.3 seconds left to force overtime against Chicago in 1995. Thus he prevented the game from ending, allowing Jean-Claude Van Damme enough time to stop the terrorist from blowing up the arena at the end of the game saving his daughter, the Vice President and the world from Sudden Death.

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