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NHL Comissioner Steps Into Penguins-Pennsylvania Talks

Loos as if Governor Ed Rendell is getting his wish for NHL League Official’s involvement.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman reportedly will try to settle the Penguins’ possible relocation drama on Thursday in Philadelphia.

The Sports Network of Canada reported that Bettman will meet with the Penguins and representatives of Pittsburgh. TSN reported that the meeting is considered key to the future of the Penguins remaining in Pittsburgh.

An unnamed source told TSN that the meeting likely will bring ”closure, one way or another.”

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said he would turn to the NHL to prevent the Penguins from moving, one day after the team said it had reached an impasse in negotiations with state, county and local officials to finance a new arena.

We will see what happens with this new development, but I have a feeling that this is about to get ugly.

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