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Zimmer Leaves Dallas for Atlanta

Info here.

UPDATE (James Joyner): While it’s odd to make a lateral move after 13 years with the same team, it makes some sense. For one thing, his future was up in the air since Bill Parcells has not announced whether he’s coming back yet. More importantly, I think, is that Parcells forced Zimmer to run an alien 3-4 defense and has otherwise had his finger in the pie. The chance to run his own defense his own way had to be attractive.

UPDATE II (James Joyner): Zimmer confirms my suspicions, at least on the first front:

“I was concerned my contract was up in 20 days or something like that, and there was a possibility I might be out of work,” Zimmer told Channel 11.

“I’m sure the other coaches feel the same way. At that point, you have to start thinking about other things. I never, ever would have thought about leaving Dallas, the Cowboys, the fans here. I love everything about the city and organization.”

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