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NFL Draft 2007 – Round 1 #22 – Cleveland Browns – QB Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn fell to #22 with the Dallas Cowboys on the clock. The Cleveland Browns traded up to grab him, fearing that Kansas City would grab him at #22. The Cowboys move down to the #3 spot in the 2nd round and pick up Cleveland’s first rounder in 2008.

Quinn, whose astonishing fall has been the story of the draft day, is going to the team he grew up rooting for. It’ll cost him a few million dollars in his initial contract but he’s going to be in a good situation.

What the Experts Say: Profile: Profile:

Brady Quinn Notre Dame Passing Photo Player Evaluation: Possessing the size, arm strength and intangibles to be a starter at the next level, Quinn is an incredibly productive college quarterback who translates well to the next level. Comes off a poor senior campaign and needs to refocus, fine-tune his decision-making and play within himself.


  • Arm Strength
  • Mental Toughness
  • Pocket Awareness

  • Decision-making
  • Field Vision

Biography: Four-year starter who Pos:ted 61.9%/3,426/37/7 as a senior. Junior totals included a career-high 3,919 passing yards, a Notre Dame single-season record.

Pos: Nice-sized, strong-armed pocket passer with a great amount of upside. Patient, calm under pressure and buys time for receivers. Gets outside the pocket to give himself a better view of the field, has a quick, over-the-top delivery and immediately gets the ball out of his hand. Zips the outs, Pos:sesses a good deep arm and drives passes into the tight spots. Flashes the ability to beautifully place throws where only his target can make the reception. Consistently challenges the vertical game. Puts touch on throws when necessary.

Neg: At times stares the primary target down from the get-go. Not adverse to forcing the throw into coverage. Makes some head-scratching decisions at times. Not an elusive quarterback who escapes the rush. Marginally accurate throwing on the move and downfield. Leadership abilities are in question.


It looked like Cleveland general manager Phil Savage would have to decide between Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson when he woke up this morning. Now the Browns get two out of three and we’re sure he had to give up a lot to get Quinn but teams have had to give up similar value in similar trades. Though most teams would rather not start a rookie quarterback, Quinn has the poise to step in right away and enough confidence to learn from his mistakes along the way. It also helps that the Browns have done an excellent job of improving the offensive line during the offseason since Quinn shouldn’t get harassed as much as Charlie Frye did last year.

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