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Bobby Cox Ties All-Time Ejections Record

Atlanta Braves skipper Bobby Cox has been ejected as many times as anyone in Major League history.

Major League Baseball Most EjectionsBraves manager Bobby Cox wasn’t going to argue with plate umpire Chad Fairchild, and he ended up with a record-tying ejection anyway. Cox was tossed from Saturday’s 2-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers in the bottom of the ninth inning. He ran onto the field too late to save Brian McCann from being ejected by Fairchild.

Cox’s ejection gave him 131 for his career, tying the record set by John McGraw. He already has the record for most ejections by a manager, since 14 of McGraw’s came as a player.

“That means you’ve managed a long time,” Detroit manager Jim Leyland said.

McCann argued with Fairchild about a called third strike from Todd Jones. The pitch appeared to be low. Cox said he didn’t come onto the field to argue; he was only trying to keep McCann in the game in case of extra innings. He ended up arguing up with Fairchild after McCann was ejected. “He was the only catcher I had left,” Cox said.


Cox has been reluctant to say much about the record, and Braves general manager John Schuerholz said there would be no public recognition of a milestone that his manager would rather ignore. “It’s kind of embarrassing,” Cox said recently.


Leyland said Cox doesn’t need to worry about the record clouding his career. “The guy has been doing this better than anybody for a long time,” Leyland said.

High praise, indeed, coming from Jim Leyland.

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